Friday, February 23, 2007

On Stash Diving

OK, we're officially up and running...oops, sorry, rippling. If you want to join in, lemme know and I'll send you an invite to blog here. If you're not up with the blogger thing, send me updates and I'll link to your page.

So. That frog pond. The one hiding behind the living room chair. It's mine, and until this very morning it held my biggest shame:

OK, one of them would perhaps not be so bad, but there are like 12. Yep, 12 balls of Pehuen...hand dyed cotton from Araucania Yarns. It was to be a sweet sweater, but alas, twas not to be, and it's been languishing for months and months and months. THE SHAME!

...until my rummagings unearthed it and b.i.n.g.o. I love the yarn, but know I could never make a garment I would be happy with out of it...but a blanket, a blanket would make us both oh so over the moon. Further delving brought out a surprising amount of taggers-along:

At least enough to be getting along with, don't you think? It's nothing so glamorous as cashmerino, but I think I can have good fun with this and be happy with the outcome. Bonus that most of it is stuff I would probably never touch again otherwise. I feel so noble! It's a mishmash of superwash, cotton, blends, yada yada. Loads of different textures, so me thinks I shall begin trying a more open ripple to accomodate for that. Running off to peruse Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet, think there's something lurking there if I recall...more once I get something swatched up.


Kelley said...

Dawn, I definitely want in on this. I was going to start my own blog and post progress there, but I don't have time to set it up. So I could post here? I'm so excited! I don't know if it's the mindless stitch pattern, the fact that I'll be getting rid of so much yarn (even if it is mostly Wool-Ease and acrylic left over from making Christmas presents - nothing glamorous), or that I'll have a new blanket (for me!) when it's all done.

Dawn said...

Yeah! Please do come and play...and you may just find yourself making your own blog anyway, it's an addiction. Drop me a note with your email address at:
kyogadawn (at) visi (dot) com
so I can send you the info on how to join the blog.

EmmyLizzy said...

Can you add me s'il vous plait?

soozies said...

ooooohhh oooh ooh! Can I get in on the ripples? I have heard/read about this ripple-along from a few sources, and am eager to use up my weird yarn stash.


RC said...

Ok, I caved and picked up 200 ripple stitch patterns at my LYS today! Please can I join in? I've been admiring all the ripply goodness for a few weeks now and am just itching to pick up my hooks!

cbast25 at yahoo dot com