Friday, February 23, 2007

The Backstory

This be about giving credit where it is sooooooooo due. The ripple-along grew from Kim's recent post to her blog on CrochetMe. Go see Alicia's "most gorgeous ripple afghan ever" says she. So, off I go. You should too. Now. Go here, to the Ripple Issues post on her blog Posie Gets Cozy.

Cool eh?

That's her fab creation at right. She's "The Musee". See, when I emailed here with this idea, begging to link to her page and use her image, she gently directed to the one that set HER on the ripply path, her friend Jane at Yarnstorm. (again, fab creation at right) Now run to see HER post: on the crest of a wave. COME ON people, who doesn't want one after seeing THAT? Ripplish perfection in fabulous yarn no less! There is no doubt the gal has some mean color-combining skillz. Dare to dream. So she wins the muse-y crown for kicking it all off, even though she didn't know it at the time.

I threw a comment to Kim, linked on my blog, she threw back. There was some whining about perhaps not having the appropriate materials in one's stash. She blessedly talked me out of the "progressive" idea...oh the depths of despair at having to send the ripply cozy comfort packing...SHUDDER! And the loss of all the mindless, soothing rippling...DOUBLE SHUDDER! Weak moment I guess. Thanks to Kim for bringing me back to my senses.

...and she then she threw in the "no end in sight" concept and it clicked into place. No need to have a large stock o yarn on grows as you go. Start with what you got and progress along with those great odd balls on clearance at the LYS, the to die for scraps and skeins left over from the perfect project, the frog pond hiding behind the living room get the idea. Now go diving and get hooking!


tara said...

I want to join! I've been rippling since Feb 1rst, so can I join?

keri said...

I would love to join too - but didn't see an email addy on the blog to email you...hope this comment is ok instead.


Emily said...

I would love to join as well - add me please!!!

krista said...

I'd like to join, if it's still possible to do so. :)

Dawn said...

krista, i think i sent you an email invite, based on your contact info on your profile. if it doesn't get there, lemme know! dawn hrm