Sunday, August 2, 2009

A blue and white ripple with granny squares from the Netherlands.

Hurray! The rippled afghan for our youngest son is finnished!

I discovered the grannysquares-pattern while I was crocheting this one...

...and loved these too! So I combined the two patterns.
The squares fit inbetween the ripples very nice and so I also made the sides into the stitch that you use in granny squares.

I used a 100% acrylic yarn, cheap but very strong (I use it for years for knitting too) and easy to go into the washing machine.
But what now? What will I do in those free minutes that I used to ripple?
Hmm.... I must admit;

Now I stardet a super big granny to become a blanket for myself. I choose the same yarn, but in the collors sand and white. I don't know exactly how it will look finaly, I just make up a pattern during the process.
Have a nice week, with lots of ripplin'time!
Greetings from the Netherlands; mama lieveheersbeestje.
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Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! That is such a cute idea to put granny squares in the ripple openings! I love ripples and I love grannies so this is a great way to combine. I'm probably going to use this idea myself! Great job.

Zazzu said...

Oh, I think I love that afghan almost as much as that happy little boy!

It's beautiful. Thanks for the great idea :)

Jan Hatchett said...

Wow! I don't think I would have ever thought to mix rippling with granny squares, but it's wonderful! I may just have to make one myself...

Aim said...

That's gorgeous, I love the blue one with grannies AND ripples! And the tan one is going to be very pretty too!

Elizabeth said...

The ripple granny square afghan is brilliant & lovely!

Nancy McG said...

I also love the ripple-granny square combination. It puts me in mind of patterns from Scandinavian and Fair Isle knits, especially in the colors you chose. What an innovative and beautiful project!