Friday, March 20, 2009

can anyone help?

I've made a mistake, not just one little easy to unpick mistake, but an on-going really foolish mistake. Instead of using double crochet throughout as the pattern says to, I realised on Wednesday evening that I've only been using double crochet for the increase and decreases and single crochet everywhere else!

The top blue row on the photo below is correct but it is wider now than the others and smoother, Im not sure if I should keep going or unpick, I've written about why I dont wat to unpick on my blog

Will this all sort out when its blocked, does anyone have any advice, 
Thanks, Felicity xx


Lucy said...

Sorry I can't help with that. I too have longed to start a ripple, but as yet haven't got a clue where to begin! My advice would be to ask Lucy over at Attic 24! She's a bit of an expert I think. Good luck! Lucy xx

Ellen Bloom said...


Yes, using the double crochet stitches on just the increases and decreases is not correct. HOWEVER, your ripple looks OK. I'd keep on in this manner until you're finished with the piece. For your NEXT afghan, you'll remember to work the pattern with all double crochet stitches.

The colors of your ripple are great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ellen. Continue the mistake and don't change to the right way mid-blanket. At least it will be consistent if you keep it the same.

Unfortunately if you are using acrylic yarn, no amount of blocking is going to help. It might loosen up if you wash it and make the bumps less noticeable and a little smoother, but you can't really block acrylic. If you are using a natural fiber, blocking may be able to help make it smoother.

Hope this helps!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

I think that I is looking fine! Lovely collors..if I was you, I should continue, handwork can have some mistakes to my oppinion..

Deb Fields said...

Hi Felicity,
My daughter, Abby, told me to check out your site. She is in to the ripple thing.

A suggestion is to enjoy the uniqueness of your very own free style "pattern" and just go on from there.

I know, I know, the perfectionist in us just won't let us do that. Look it as a Highlight book puzzle picture or a where's waldo type approach and see if people really do notice it.

As my mother of 81 always says.
1 On a galloping horse who will notice.

2 Who's gonna see it from the courthouse steps.

Felicity said...

thank you for your comments,

I think I've got it sorted now, I'll post some more photos on my blog in a few days, the stripes will be slightly thinner, but it looks ok, (I think!!!)

my nan used to say, 'no-one's gonna stop a galloping horse' too!

thanks again, Felicity xxx

Julie said...

I like that it is a bit wonky and would continue what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

i hate to pull out stitches/rows too and tend to consider my "mistakes" unique design elements. i personally like the way your rows look. i'd leave them and either continue as is or return to the "real" pattern starting with the next row. best luck with your afghan, deb d

Aim said...

I think that it looks wonderful the way it is, and you should leave it. Keep making it that way--no one else has one made like that! It's unique, and I never would have known "it's wrong"!!!