Sunday, May 20, 2007

Done the 2nd blanket

Do you remember that I'm working on three blankets - a granny square ghan, a scrap ripple ghan, and another ripple that will be a bridal shower gift? Well, I finished the gift - and in time too! It's not as wide as I was going to do it, because I switched it to be vertical instead of horizontal. It's blocking right now, trying to even out the end... heh. It's totally different colours than she requested, one by fault of mine, one due to the fault of Walmart's selection. But anyway, here's a photo from May 11th.

And since that shot, I've added two more rows - white and dark green. And now it's complete. Tada!!

The completed ripple bridal blanket


Lindsey said...

so pretty! i really love the colors...blues and greens are my favorite!

mama k said...

Pretty colors! reminds me of the sea.