Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Ripple of Many Colors is Complete!

I'm so pumped.....I finally completed my cotton ripple after what seemed a very long time. It really wasn't all that long since I started this in early June, so 4 months, but it just seemed as though I was usually working on just this one project. I used Mission Falls 1824 cotton and an I hook and did the colors at random just choosing which ones I thought were complimentary to their neighbor. I used the pattern from the Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine, the Fall 2006 issue. I haven't blocked it yet so it's not completely widened or straightened yet but it will measure somewhere around 40"x 70" once it's blocked.

I did enjoy crocheting this very much, as it worked up light, airy, and yet still warm and toasty, which was a pleasant surprise for a cotton ghan. This would be the perfect afghan for those who are allergic to wools and perhaps don't care for acrylics. So, what do all of you wonderful fellow crocheters think?


provs said...

That's really pretty. I love the colors. I have a question though...I have pretty much been self taught with crochet. How do you block a ripple afghan?

Bella said...

Very pretty! It looks like you have a did you make it? I too was wondering how your block a ripple. (I am new to crocheting).

Laura said...

Since I put one row of single crochet on each long edge, I'll just lay it out on some towels and spray it lightly and then place some pins at the top and bottom peaks and anywhere along the sides where it might be waving in a bit.

I don't think it's really necessary but I'm going to try it and see if it makes a big difference or if there's hardly any change....I'll let you know.

mrswade said...

Too beautiful. I love it. Can I ask where you got the cotton, how much it costs, how much it shrinks after working it up and washing it, etc? And since you do such lovely work, why not join our log cabin blog.

Yep. SHAMELESS plug!

helenw said...

I love it - great colors!

leslie said...

how do you block such a large afghan.. I've just started blocking granny squares which is pretty simple... but a large blanket? Any tricks I need to know?

She sure is strange! said...

Beautiful colors! I love it!!!

Uhhh, are we supposed to block these things??LOL I've heard of blocking a sweater and can see how you might need to block a granny square or similar, but to block a zigzag/ripple afghan seems a bit much. I hope I'm not missing something important here!


PattieJ said...

OOOH! Thats so pretty!!! Love it!

Laura said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and no, I decided not to bother with any attempts at's fine just as it is.

Mrs. Wade, I got the yarn at Webs and it was around $6.00 a skein but I don't remember the exact price. It's Mission Falls 1824 cotton and as for washing and shrinking, I'm just going to wash it in a gentle cycle with cold water when the time comes, and then place it in the dryer for about 10 minutes, take it out and spread it onto a large towel on my bed and let it air dry. I don't think it will shrink at all.

As for joining your log cabin blog, I have no idea how to do one. Is it difficult?