Thursday, September 27, 2007

New around here---but not to ripples!!!

Ripples are what got me interested in knowing how to read a pattern---up until I was 21, I was just freehanding along. But since I learned how to read a pattern, I can honestly say ripples make up the majority of my finished projects!!!

I have a favorite pattern, which is one of my current WIPs. I don't have a picture of that, as I'm presently restricted to using a smaller computer (our computer decided to kick the bucket just this weekend! UGH!!!!), but I've got a few close ups of the last one of the pattern I made. I finished that one just last week. I'm using the pattern's recommended weight this time, as it turns out I had a bunch of one color. I'm happy that I will definitely be able to make this version to the required length (the last was just a bit short), and maybe a matching bonnet or some booties.

This is another current project. It's the inspiration for my crochet group co-owner suggesting I try to join this blog! Little did she know ripples are a secret passion of mine! I'm making this afghan for a resident at the home my mom's at, who has befriended my 2 year old! Maybe I should add some stripes of yellow to this, to represent the bananas they bonded over! :-)


Lanee' said...

yellow would be a great addition to your ripple! the first pattern i ever read and worked was for a ripple too. so far, i've only completed that one, but i'm near finishing another. isn't it great how we stick to what's lovely?

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Now tthis is pretty. I love blues.

Allison said...

Susan---I hope you won't be disappointed. I'm adding the yellow to it (a light yellow, as that's all I had on hand), again as an homage to the bananas my son has bonded with it's intended owner over.

I'm sure, though, the way it's looking, with the yellow interspersed in the blues, it will look just as good :-)