Sunday, September 9, 2007

I came to the END!!!...

Last night I settled in to work on my ripple and found that I was moved over a stitch. I unraveled two colors and still couldn't find where I'd added one in so I decided it must be a sign that I am finished! Soooo, here it is, well partially, I didn't get the whole thing in one shot. This is our old dog, PuppyGirl, guarding it.
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And, this is the yarn for the new ripple! Not sure yet which pattern I will use, I had seen some either online or in a book that appealed to me and now I can't remember where. Ugh! Anyway, this will match my parents bedroom and will be a Chistmas present for them.
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Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Nice. Your PuppyGirl is cute! Your new colors look great too.

Maribel said...

That's beautiful! What colors are those Woolease skeins? I'm making a granny of giant proportions out of Woolease. It's a very nice yarn to work with. (My cat adores it...)

She sure is strange! said...

Thanks! Pgirl is going to be 14 this fall, she's part cairn part daschund.

Maribel, the colors are Cocoa, Camel, Avocado and Paprika. It was all on clearance at our local Hancock's store. I love all these colors!!!

It may be that I do it similar to the first ripple, just a random placement of colors and stripe width but I'm not sure yet.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful afghan, and PuppyGirl is even prettier. I love Woolease yarn.

Aim said...

Wow, nice PuppyGirl! She's cute....And love the finished colors, and next colors in line!