Monday, August 6, 2007

The Rippler Blog is now up and running

The Ripplers blog is starting to come together. For those of you who have sent me information - Thank you. I just copied and pasted, so if you would ever like anything changed just let me know. All ripplers will have their own label on that blog for means of searching. The label system is first name then the name of the blog/website I was given. For example mine would be: Megan - Laugh.Love.Hook.

Hopefully tomorrow I will add a link to the new blog on the side bar. The No End in Sight Ripplers Blog

To those who would still like to be included, please email me your information to cheersmurf AT gmail DOT com.

Blog address: *either here on blogger or elsewhere*
A little blurb about you:
Favorite ripple pattern: *just the name... no actual patterns*
Ripple count: *how many ripples have you done?*
Picture link: *if you would like your picture next to your info, provide me with a link*

1 comment:

Selena K said...

Yay! Thanks Megan!