Thursday, August 30, 2007

My summer project. I have posted that she was done, but now that I have taken the pictures and posted them, I can really say done. It was a fun project but I really hate weaving in the ends. I still have a lot of yarn left so I am making a giant granny in the same colors. More ends to weave in! My gr d thinks it is her blanket but I want to keep this one for myself.


Aim said...

very very pretty!

Barb Mcf said...

The colors are so striking against the light sofa, and the gr d is especially beautiful.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Nice colors. I like it.

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

I think it is pretty too. Your border looks really good! How did you do it?

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

thanks for the kind words. the border is 2 rows of dc all around then 1 row as follows
sc, ch 3, sc in same st, repeat all around
time consuming but pretty easy

ajcrochets said...

I can see why you'd want to keep it for your self. The colors are just amazing. May I ask what yarn you used?
Your granddaughter is adorable, and she looks like she has her own little personality.
I would enjoy grandchildren, I think. But that requires becoming a mom first!
I'm a fabulous great-aunt, though!