Friday, August 24, 2007

Correction in Vannaghan Instructions

I have finished the Vannaghan and will post a pic after I've blocked it. I just wanted to let anyone who's planning to make this to know that there's a problem with the instructions, specifically in the number of skeins of yarn to buy. I bought 8 whole skeins more than I needed (about $25 worth). Hancock's would likely take it back, but I've decided to keep it to stitch something else. With it, and what's left on the skeins that I did use from, I think I have enough to make one of the other ripples in the book.

Here's the corrected amounts of yarns for the Kilim Throw on page 26 of Vanna's Choice: Color It Beautiful.

2 balls (not 3) #123 beige
2 balls (not 3) #130 honey
2 balls (not 3) #140 dusty rose
1 ball (not 2) #108 dusty blue
1 ball (not 2) #158 mustard
1 ball (not 2) #170 pea green
1 ball (not 2) #143 antique rose
1 ball (not 2) #173 dusty green

The other amounts are correct. There is also, however, a problem in the instructions.The footnote in the color sequence chart on page 26 indicates that you work only the rows between the asterisks twice. But at the bottom of column 1 on page 27, you're instructed to "complete entire color sequence twice." I believe the page 27 instructions are the correct ones; those are the ones I used.

I hope this helps anyone who is planning to make this afghan, now or in the future.


Jamie said...

I'm working on this blanket right now and am also confused about the correct "color sequence". The directions on the left page present 17 ripples based on the color combinations provided. I've made those 17 ripples and do not know how to proceed. Did you just go back to the top of the color sequence and crochet 17 more ripples in that order? How many ripples did you end up with? I've submitted a question to Thanks for any help you can provide! (Just reply back to your blog.)

donnac368 said...

That's a HUGE savings from the original cost, which made me put the book and yarn back on the shelf at AC Moore.