Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Something Different and Useful

Since the ripple afghan re-do is going rather slowly for me, I put the ripply skills to good use and made this dishcloth last night.

These tickle my fancy for all the right reasons: they used up bits of thrift-store crocheting cotton that no-one wanted; they are quick; they are useful; they are environmentally friendly; they are pretty; they are cheap.

Four re-usable, washable, pretty dishcloths for 50 cents and a few hours work. What could be wrong with that?

(two strands of contrasting thread/4.25 mm hook/soft waves pattern/39 chain beginning /1 row in dc, 2 rows in sc rep until roughly square /sc edging)


charlotte narunsky said...

that is brilliant! I am off to make some immediately!

Opal said...

beautiful dishcloths! excellent idea too. i hope to follow suit as soon as my pattern book arrives :-)

Aim said...

that sounds like a great use of that pattern!