Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baby Tiger Ripple Completed

A long ride in the car this past weekend enabled me to finish the "Baby Tiger Ripple" and to deliver it to its recipient. The orange and blue stripes were selected because my brother is a basketball coach, and these are his team colors. In addition, they are "the tigers."
  • Pattern: Soft Waves from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns by Jan Eaton
  • Yarn: Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in Poppy and Indigo
  • Hook: Size I
  • Modifications: I included a border of two rows of single crochet.
  • What I learned: I do not like weaving in ends. The task of "weaving in" is not the problem. What I don't like is the potential for all of that yarn to unravel. I would like to try a round ripple some time, but I think that I may use a hand painted yarn rather than changing colors. Perhaps three skeins of STR heavy weight would do for a baby size round ripple?


Anina said...

I love it! You do not have to weave in any ends if you just crochet right over them. That's what I do and it works out great.

Kathryn Estelle said...

You know, I did that at first, but the yarn tended to poke out. I decided it would be better to weave them in so I could go forward and then backward making it less likely to unravel or poke out. I'm probably just overly anal about it!

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

i know what you mean. i sometimes crochet over the ends if it is for me but if it is for someone else, i worry it my unravel. love the tiger!!!

Pheelya said...

That looks great! I usually leave a rahter long tail and crochet over it. I figure it the tail it long enough hopefully it longer then that area can stretch *laugh*

Peggy said...

That is cool...love the color combo.