Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This ol' rug of mine

Hi, I've been reading this blog for a while, thanks for the invitation to join. I've been enjoying looking at all your wonderfiul projects, it's so refreshing to find a like-minded community, the only other person I know who enjoys making blankets is my mother. She knits, I crochet.

I have been making mohair blankets over the last 2 Winters and have dusted off the hook as Autumn sets in and re-commenced my latest project.

I wanted this to be in varying shades of Navy with bright accents zooming in from the sides. I'm not altogether sure that this is what I have achieved, but it is still pretty. It is crocheted in many different mohair yarns, some have a lurex thread for sparkle, on a 7mm hook. When finished it will be bed length.

I like randomness in my work. Other blankets I have made have been in random shades of (usually ) one basic colour. I'll post photos at some stage. Meanwhile I have a blanket on flickr if anyone is interested in looking at it:

I made this as a gift for my mother-in-law for her 75th birthday last year. She likes things to be more ordered than I do so I ensured that her stripes go all the way across from one side to the other!



Susan (ZenKnit) said...

I really like the effect. Went to visit your other ripple and really like that one too - sparkly!

Megan said...

I would have never thought to do sporadic accents like that. But now that I see it.... I LOVE IT! I think once I finish all my current projects I will have to do one similar to that! Very cool idea! Kudos!!!

Anina said...

I have yet to see a ripple I don't like (except, of course, my ugly ripple). Both of them are just so happy!

kirsty said...

You have really succeeded in your objective. I love the zinging stripes!!

Molly said...

Dusting off your hook in time for Autumn?

Oh! You must live DOWN UNDER.