Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bacon Ripples?

Must see ripple treasure hunt site of the day:


Hunt down the bacon and eggs scarf. Yep, I kid you not. So fabulous. The most innovative use of ripples I have seen to date.

I once again have been a lax Ripple Mistress, but there's been chaos on the home front lately that I won't pain you with, you can hunt through my blog if you really want to know why I now jump at slight noises and can't seem to sleep.

Am still working on the site improvements. They should roll in gradually, so keep those peepers peeped!

Happy rippling all!



lekki said...

Hi Dawn, well spotted. That girl has such a good imagination and great sense of humour. Can you help me please? I joined the ripple-along, created an a/c, and posted a picture. Now I want to show my finished blanket but I don't know how to re-open the posting part. I'm feeling a bit thick, I'm new to this :( Frowns.

Anina said...

Oh my gosh, how funny is that!

Ellen Bloom said...

The bacon ripple is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Have you seen Lady Linoleum's Project Wrongway Bacon Shawl?