Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ninth Time's The Charm

I’m so glad to be joining the Ripple-Along. I’ve actually been rippling for a few weeks now and the fact is, I don’t have a lot of experience with crochet. I’ve never used a real pattern before. I have made a lot of mistakes.
1. 200 stitches, two rows, too short.
2. 349 stitches, two rows, too long.
3. Can’t remember how many stitches, realized I wasn’t doing a full double crochet. Oops!
4. 4 rows, double crochet, something is weird. It’s curling.
5. Trying again. Still curling.

6. Sought help from sister and mother-in-law. They are stumped. Finally realize I’m not going into the right part of the foundation row plus my foundation row is really tight. Eureka!
7. Chained with a larger hook for a looser foundation row and then went into the correct spot. This time it’s working! But it’s way too long.
8. Finally, 219 stitches, all is well. I’m about to start my 7th color. (this picture is from 2 rows ago!)

I’m working with Rowan Pure Wool DK and an F hook using Soft Waves from Jan Eaton’s 200 Ripple-Stitch Patterns. The yarn is heavenly and the pattern is so relaxing (after I finally got the hang of it).


Jenni-Raie said...

i love all the photos you've provided us with - definately acts as an illustrated guide. Really adds to your story!

Cecilia said...

Yea! and it's going to be beautiful!

Riss said...

I had the same rolling problem too because my foundation row was too tight. I ended up frogging and starting over. I did 274 chains, and then did a row of single crochets, then switched to doubles. My mom suggested it because singles don't cause so much stress on the chain...

Its looking beautiful though... keep it up :)

Yarny said...

Thanks for the detailed information. I'm also new to crochet and I'm making lots of mistakes. I think you just saved me some time. Oh, and by the way, your blanket looks awesome.

Tawana said...

Ooh... Pretty blanket, love the yarn choiceds. My foundation chain was too tight when I started, I ended up using a larger size hook and all is well. Keep up the good wook.

kirsty said...

I had a few false starts, too, including frogging a good 8" of ripple. I'm really glad I did, though (I was tempted just to leave it and keep going!!). Your ripple is going to be so pretty!

Michelle said... is looking so pretty... I had a few trips to the frog pond frustrating...glad you got it figured out...

Lulu said...

I that purple color..Sadly i just can not do the ripple, i dont know why..
keep up the beautiful work..