Saturday, April 21, 2007

My ripples

This is the first ripple I ever made. As you can see, one of the edges got a little wonky, but I was nearing the end and did not feel like frogging. I was going to give this as a gift but got attached to it and kept it. It now sits on my comfy chair in my bedroom and I use it while watching tv. I liked making it but got bored with the stripe pattern. My next one will have be a multi colored, vertical stripes.

The next one was my first attempt at a round ripple. I loved making this. It goes so fast and is very fun to make. I was not too happy with the color choice but I am happy with the finished product. It is now one of my grand daughters blankies. She uses it to watch tv on the couch or to cuddle with nana in bed.


Sherri said...

Girl! I love your round ripple. The colors are awesome...I might have to go ahead and make myself one on these round ripples. You keep up the great work!

Lindsey said...

that round ripple is just beautiful! so inspiring! i have one waiting for me to start. i can't wait. i hope it turns out as pretty as yours!

Judy said...

I also love your round ripple. I have just started one using a Spiderman Afghan pattern found online for my 6 year old nephew. I am having trouble with the center buckling. I have tried different needles sizes. Yours looks so nice. What pattern are you following?


Mercy's Maid said...

That is so cool! I've never seen anything like it. Good job!