Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Sunburn Ripple

The move is ending today, but that also means that I have to move into a hotel for at least a month. So, before the staff at the Courtyard starts seeing me as one of the locals, I thought I should post ripple progress. And somehow, amidst the mess that the new apartment still is, I have actually made progress.

I'll confess, though, that I'm surprised by how much I love the afghan. It's so soft and cuddly. And it reminds me of how my parents used to have their house painted, before oranges and yellows went out of style. That's actually a lie, the parents kept the orange and yellow paint up long after it went out of style, they just didn't do anything to change it until it was almost retro and cool again. (However, I still have my mom's Kitchenmaid mixer in avocado.)

One thing that fascinates me most is how obvious the yellow seems when I'm working on it, but it seems far less overpowering from a distance.

However, I think my sister might not be as big of a fan. She has a neverending hate of orange, and it is one-fourth orange.

(On the technical side...two strands of yarn at once [because I am madly in love with that sort of texture]...Red Heart Soft Yarn in Wine, Paprika, Tangerine, and Honey...a big, blue, plastic, size N hook.)


nanaofnc said...

Love, love, love it! What pattern are you using? I love those afghans where you can use two strands of yarn and a large hook.

Queens Knitting Mama said...

I really like the sunshine color combination of your ripple blanket.

How beautiful!


MikKnits said...

I really like those colors! And that RH Soft really is soft. Too bad I haven't seen those colors here yet. Great job!

diane said...

i absolutely love your afghan....its beautiful

Marikka said...

I think it was the "Classic Ripple" from Encyclopedia of Crochet, or something like that.

And thank you for the compliments. I wish I could be working on it now, but it's at that stage where only if I were on a tight deadline would it travel with me.

Mary said...

I really like the way the colors change. Love the colors.

Hotel living, eh? Good luck with that!