Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a late bloomer joining in

Hi everybody, I'm a little late to introduce myself but I didn't want to until I had actually started my ripple. This is my very first ripple even though I've been crocheting over twenty years. I was having a terrible time trying to decide what pattern to use since I didn't have the 200 ripple pattern book yet.

I was reading the reviews for it on amazon.com and there were several compliants of errors in many patterns in the book. Have any of you experienced problems in the patterns in the book?

A couple of days ago I started with Bevs Baby Ripple Afghan thinking the pattern was straight forward enough for this newbie, but after two days of working with frustrating progress I confirmed I still don't like single crochet for big projects. So I switched to Candi Jensen's "RippleEffect" from her book "Candy Crochet" using halfdouble crochet and I immediatley loved it. There is more of a wave effect in it which I love.

You can see the difference between the ripple and wave in the two. This ripple afghan going to be a gift for one of my daughter's newest mommy girlfriends. I'm already thinking about other ripples I want to do, this is addictive! I'm excited to be part of this great group. Happy Rippling everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That is really pretty your doing a great job on it.


nanaofnc said...

Wonderful! And half-double crochet is my alltime FAVORITE stitch. Any chance you could email me the pattern at nana_of_nc@yahoo.com? I'd love to have a hdc pattern!

DaniLane said...

i'm using bev's pattern and thought, sc is way too small, too. so i bumped it up to a dc. i like the way the ripples are coming along on mine but i think i'm going to try a deeper, chevron pattern, too.
will you be using any other colors?

Trish said...

Yes, I'm using four colors total. you can see it with them here