Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Insert Ripple Here

I was already working on a sweater for my second-grader. He rifled through my stash for soft red yarns, plus he requires that I work in this white Nashua Handknits mohair than you see in the pic. It looks like a snowball and my son has been captivated by it for months. I only have ONE skein of it.
Then this whole Ripple-Along phenomenon happens and becomes a consciousness-raising experience for me. When I return to this sweater, I ask you: how can I not add a ripple midway through?
I learned (during this National Crochet Month) that when you have a ripple stitch pattern that begins and ends with a straight edge (instead of ripply), you can insert a row of ripples anywhere, anytime, for some ARV (Added Ripple Value).
By the way, I changed the photo of my "Chunky Bobbly Happiness" entry to something more.... poetic. And Stasia, I can't reply to your Blogger email addy but I would love to take you up on your offer of help.

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