Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Greetings from DC

My hands are claws. I'm running out of color options. And I just can't stop rippling.

Here we are after day 1:

And a day or two later:

And finally last night:

I've used a boatload of Red Heart, one stripe of worsted weight cotton, some Lamb's Pride wool, and that last purple stripe on the left is a big fluffy boucle that was a pain to ripple with but which I love the feel of.
It's 300 stitches across, and each stripe takes about an hour. But it's now big enough to fit over me! It's keeping me warm ... woo-hoo!
I've been trying to make sure that each stripe fits, colorwise, with the one before. I've found that trying to plan the colors is impossible. The color I think I'm going to use next inevitably gets put aside for some other inspiration that hits at the last minute.
I love the ripple. And I love seeing everyone else's ripples! I still think everybody else has better colors than me.


jillz said...

So pretty! I love your colors!

Susan said...

Wow! So much progress. You are very fast. And of course it looks great too!

Georgia said...

I'm loving this one! So neat!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! I'm headed to my other stash tonight, so I fear that pastels are in my future.