Sunday, March 18, 2007

day 17

i've gotten several emails asking for some specs, so here goes. i'm using knitpicks merino style and andean treasure and a size USH/5.00 mm hook. i like my crochet fabric to be nice and drapey. and the stitch i'm using is softwaves from 200 ripple stitches by jan eaton.

i'm this close to being halfway down (give or take).

day 17

this may be my favorite color sequence

day 17

napoleon's claimed it as his

napoleon claims his ripple


Susan said...

Beautiful! I like the sequence too. Such sweet little kitty paws.

Leah said...


Denise said...

does anyone worry about not being able to wash their blankets? being wool and all ... i'm contemplating superwash because of this ....
would love to hear others' thoughts on the matter.

mk said...

great colors, looks soooo cozy!

jen said...

mmm it looks so delicious! I found a pattern that I like the looks of. Now to learn how to od it! Must first finish row two of my granny blanket.

Rae said...

Denise, I want to be able to wash mine so I'm using Zara, have since learned that there are quite a few washable wools out there.

Thinking about the future life of the blanket, there's the possibility that others will machine wash the blanket (especially as it ages and changes hands) and ruin it. I machine-washed a "Rock Garden" granny square afghan my mother made in the 70's and wound up felting the yarns that were wool (the acrylic parts remaining the same) -- I still love it but would have treated it differently if I had known.

maryse said...

thank you all.

my blanket will need to be handwashed. i hope, not too often.