Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This. Is. Amazing.

I'm equally addicted, not only to the rippling (aaahhh...), but also to checking out everyone else's work! Ladies, those are some beautiful afghans.

I had thought about using the Random Stripe Generator, because it's soooo fun to play with, but, as I'm too lazy and cheap to buy more color ink for my printer, I decided on closing my eyes and grabbing a ball of yarn. I think I'll get the same effect. I was unhappy with it at first, but somehow that last stripe of green made it all better. I'm trying to keep a running list of what types of yarn I'm using, mostly so I can keep track of how much I'm using. Like I said, it's all acrylic or acrylic/ wool blend, which is just fine with me since I want to be able to throw it in the washer anyway. So now, a picture, and then off to try to write this Spanish paper. Why won't it write itself?!

PS: I've researched how to make a button for us, but it appears to be beyond my knowledge...

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